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Easy to use. More savings than you can imagine.


Accelerate your sourcing process for complex supply chain scenarios. Our optimization software unlocks savings opportunities with custom constraints and other deep functionality that is easy to use.

finance integrator

Give credibility to sourcing projects by cross checking accounting data with sourcing in the Bid Mode integrator tool. Identify rebate opportunities for rogue suppliers by comparing scenario results to the real amount you were billed.


Easy to use sourcing project management software to drive savings. Bid Mode sourcing collects pricing, store supplier information and provides analytics to compare and contrast project effectiveness.

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Unlock spend trends and lane cost deltas with Bid Mode analytics. Then, solve everyday reporting headaches with custom analytics built just for you.

procurement excellence

Our expert team of SMEs provides guidance and consulting on topics ranging from sourcing project management to logistics data science to generate cost savings.

supplier scorecarding

Govern all category management, sourcing, supplier management and new contract creation through a centralized project management platform.

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Our Methodology

Transforming Supply Chain Procurement

We kick-off all projects and all deployments by listening to your needs. Every member of our team obsesses over customer success. We truly believe in doing absolutely everything we can to help you succeed.

Bid Mode offers logistics and procurement software as a service. Our focus on supply chain makes it possible to bring you the most savings as the software is built to discover supply chain cost reduction opportunities. Our best in class sourcing optimization software works in tandem with our analytics to identify opportunities and provide flexible, customized reporting.

Bid Mode software is in depth with the right features for supply chain and sourcing professionals. Our custom optimization scenario building and sourcing project management provides a perfect ecosystem to manage procurement. Our expert team of engineers is always on-hand to build customized spend / logistics analytics in order to solve everyday reporting challenges and enable our clients to discover savings opportunities.

Ultimately, we provide a 360 degree view of the procurement landscape in an organization. Every project, every optimization what if scenario is tracked in our system. That allows us to give you an overall picture that identifies rogue spend, savings tracking and suppliers that owe you rebates.

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Board Of Directors

Our leadership believes in something we like to call the "Bid Mode promise." Every client that we come in touch with will experience THE best service in the industry. From our support to training to adding software capabilities - we promise to obsess over your success.

Ian Diakov

Ian leads the bidmode team from a business and technology perspective. He has 9 years of experience ranging from logistics to technology. He has held a variety of roles from developer to manager and in every opportunity demonstrated the importance of putting the customer first.

David Bush

Dave is the visionary behind bidmode’s success. With over 20 years in the industry, Dave has held numerous leadership positions including CEO of procurement giant, Iasta. He is one of the most well known executives in the industry and is guiding bidmode to client focused solutions.

Kevin Ker

Kevin is the bidmode financial SME. He handles our integration of logistics and financial data for our clients. Kevin provides an expert understanding of accounting business processes to help us enable the integration and provide our clients with a bird’s eye view of what suppliers charge

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